Keep Your Data Private from Prying Eyes with Privacy Scanner

What you do on your PC is YOUR business! Privacy Scanner safely removes footprints of your personal identity such as browsing history, username and passwords, user profiles, temporary files, and even your recycle bin, all in just a few clicks!

Think You're Safe from Hackers? Think Again...

Some of the largest companies in the world with the most advanced security technology available have had data breaches that exposed millions of people's personal identifiable information. Your PC is just another entry point. Shouldn't you ensure your data isn't exposed on your PC?

Top Companies That Have Suffered Data Breaches


143 Million

records hacked

500 Million

records hacked

50 Million

records hacked

145 Million

records hacked

How Much Personal Information Is Exposed on Your PC?

Find Out Right Now

Privacy Scanner will scan and show you how many exposed privacy items you have on your PC in just a couple clicks. Once you scan, you will be able to remove specific items for peace of mind. The scan and first removal are free, and future uses will require a one-time registration fee of $29.99 for unlimited use.

What You Get with Privacy Scanner

Privacy Scanner Software

Scan for Vulnerabilities Privacy Scanner will scan several areas of your PC showing you what data may be exposed.
Erase Exposed Personal Data Privacy Scanner will show you a detailed list of what could be exposed, and gives you the option to remove these items, giving you peace of mind.
Scheduled Scans Privacy Scanner will let you set a schedule to scan your PC regularly for future potential data vulnerabilities, keeping you safe.
Disk Space Saver Privacy Scanner also save you disk space by cleaning up these items along with temporary files that Windows leaves behind during updates.

Why Should You Trust Privacy Scanner?

Your Data Is Your Business Your data in the wrong hands can be catastrophic. We understand the importance of privacy and how it can impact your life.
We Are Always Here To Help You We are real people who offer real help. Just email or call us anytime and we will gladly step you through any issue you may have.
We Guarantee Our Product If for any reason you feel Privacy Scanner isn't for you, just follow our Refund Policy and we can refund you, no questions asked.

Try Privacy Scanner Right Now

We're so confident you are going to like this product that we are letting you install, scan, and remove your first vulnerabilities for free. What are you waiting for?